Quick Clue: Is Your Car Count Being Manipulated? With Thomas Hays

We are going to try something new!

As you know, each month, we interview some incredible folks in our industry in long-form interviews. We've been so honored by your support for the show, and are truly grateful. This week Thomas is introducing a new will be new mini-series called “Quick Clues”. The episodes will be about 5 min long… no guests, no dramatic intro, and no editing, it’s just you, Thomas, and his microphone. The goal is to give you something to think about, something to share with your team, something that can help you improve in specific areas, and most of all, be encouraged. So, we’ll try this out for a bit, and see how it works out. Perhaps make it a regular part of the podcast. Do us a favor and send us an email if you like this (or hate it) to… Also, just to confirm, We will still be posting full-length episodes like always, 2x a month.

This week's Quick Clue: Is Your Car Count Being Manipulated?

Car count (or lack thereof) is a big topic right now. Your ability to analyze the specifics of your car count is CRITICAL to being able to grow your car count. In this episode, Thomas will break down how to tell if your shop is meeting marketing demand, or if it's being artificially held back.

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