Episode 6

The Power of Authentic Relationships in Your Business with Mike Wandrey

Our shops are filled with cars, lifts, tools, fluids, desks, and a whole bunch of other stuff… but they are BUILT on the relationships of our team.  

I feel many of us don’t TRULY recognize is just HOW important they are, or perhaps we really struggle to foster and maintain relationships with our team without it feeling forced or being fake. 

In this episode, I’ll discuss this with my guest and 23-year industry veteran, Mike Wandery. Harnessing the power of relationships is his superpower. I love his story because along with each milestone, he recognized and learned the secrets to having HEALTHY, BALANCED, MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL, and STRATEGIC relationships. 

By the end of this episode, you’ll learn the clues you need to do the same in your shop. These clues will help you whether you’re an owner, an employee, or even a vendor supporting the shop. 

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Success Leaves Clues: An Automotive Industry Podcast