Episode 23

The Creation of a Happy and Successful Service Advisor with Ashley Wright

 Is it Service Advisor or Service Writer? Either way, it's one of the most critical roles in the shop because if the sales aren't there, the techs don't have hours to turn, and the owner sees no profit. In addition to sales, the Service Advisors or Writers ;) Must be great at multitasking, customer service, logistics, and sometimes even counseling! Great advisors can do these things, create incredible customer experiences all while keeping a smile on their faces, and even have some fun while doing it. I believe those successful in this role aren't just born that way. They bring their natural skills and are fostered by great training and the guidance of a great owner. Today, one of the most successful writers I've met is our guest. Her name is Ashley Wright. I won't mention her shop because some of you may get the idea of trying to hire her. Sorry, she is very happily employed. If you're an owner, you'll learn some inside tips to help your advisors, and if you're an advisor listening, you'll learn some powerful tips and tricks to become a happy and successful advisor too. 

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