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Here's another episode in the Quick Clue mini-series. In this episode, you'll learn 3 important insights that can help you find and hire incredible employees.

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Now, the first thing that I see with shops that are struggling to hire is they struggle to create compelling and attractive job ads that are attracting the right people. Here's the thing. You have to understand that recruiting is simply marketing and interviewing is sales. We often complicate things quite a bit.

We believe that the key to success is posting the polished job ad that has the right bullet points of here's our benefits. And here's what I require of you and all that, believing that that is all it takes and that the right person's going to see it and read it and understand it. And they're going to be good to go.

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It all starts to just become one thing to someone who's looking for a job. So you've got to think about that. Just like when you're sending a mail or making a Facebook post or any other form of marketing. How do I make my shop stand out? Here's some tips. Create. Job ad titles that are different from everybody else, something catchy, something kind of weird, something that just grabs attention.

And when you're writing the ad, you know, think of it like you're writing a job ad for the top performer. What is the thing that they need to hear? What solves their problem? And so if it's a technician, a top performing technician, what solves their problem? They're looking for a shop with no chaos, with plenty of hours.

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You want to make it easy. Don't make them go through a 20 step interview process just to get on a phone call with you. Good employees usually don't have great resumes because they don't search for jobs all the time. So if someone is happen to be looking. And they're wanting to talk to you about it, make it easy.

Just put your phone number in there or make a really simple process for the, for you to at least get that lead from them. It's really important. And when we're talking about interviewing questions, it's so important that you realize that the interview skill that you have is what makes her breaks because a top performer, you to ask all these generic questions and it's not really going to help you get to who they are and help them understand who you are.

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Candidates are trying to convince you that they're the right fit for your position while you're trying to convince them, sell them that your shop is where they can call home. Now here's something else you need to consider, and it's really important when we're talking about job ads and interviewings too, and that is that top performers, especially technicians, they see things extremely black and white.

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What am I missing? Well, be honest with yourself. Can they trust you? Have you worked on being a dynamic and inspiring leader? Have you created an environment where they would want to work? Have you developed your character to the necessary level to attract someone of a higher caliber? How confident are you in yourself?

Now, I know I'm asking a lot of really hard questions. Seriously, if you've not asked yourself these questions and you're blowing through interviews, this might be a key for you. You've got to ask yourself these questions. You have to answer them. That is the clue here is answering these questions and taking steps to change.

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And we're not talking about the hourly rate or the salary you offer. We're talking about the things that will slow down their ability to make work, uh, and to do work. It's the things that will make things inefficient, make their life frustrating, prevent them from doing the job that they need to do so they can make the money based on your pay plan.

So is your shop organized? Do you have clearly defined systems and processes? Is the atmosphere relaxed or is everyone stressed out? Are there clearly defined roles and responsibilities? Are people smiling or do they have a scowl on their face? Is the office in shambles or is it organized and clean? Take a look around your shop like someone who is there to make money and say.

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Remember, this is ultimately an exercise in empathy. These questions you're asking yourself are really advocating for the candidate, because by making these changes you are creating a place where they will want to work. And when you can do this, you're going to be shocked. You're going to have the right people find you, because your reputation will precede you.

And you will have people fighting for you. If that's not your reality right now, you might be saying, Thomas, that's BS. I don't believe it, but I've seen it. I've seen people take the time to truly look within themselves and their organization and create an attractive place to work and an attractive leader.

And the people do find you. It's amazing.

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Thanks so much for listening to this week's episode. We will have a full length episode next week. Have a wonderful rest of your day.

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